Pick the best flowers, move into place, and plant those flowers next to each other for maximum beauty!


Score the most points by planting flowers next to each other. The game ends when all the spaces are filled or when a player cannot draw a flower.

Turn (In order)

Draw flower

Draw a flower tile from the Flower Shop or from the top of the draw pile.

Move Gnome (optional)

You may move your gnome up to two spaces orthogonally.

Reaping (optional)

You may remove a flower that you own from any space around your gnome orthogonally.

Plant flower (optional)

You may plant your flower in any open space around your gnome orthogonally.


Daisy - A single daisy scores 1 point per flower.  Also counts a the same type as adjacent flowers.

Tulip - A set of 2 adjacent tulips scores 2 points per flower.

Lilac - A set of 3 adjacent flowers in a line scores 3 points per flower.

Bell - A set of 4 adjacent bells in a square scores 5 points per flower.

Shrub - A set of adjacent shrubs scores more points the more shrubs that are next to each other

Chrysanthemum - A single chrysanthemum scores 1 point for each different adjacent flower by type.

This it the digital version of my board game prototype. For more information on the tabletop version visit https://www.ryanspeterson.com/gnomes-and-gardens.html


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